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Since our business is creating beautiful bedspreads, we are pretty passionate about beds and sleeping. I personally am a big advocate of the nap, just hopping into bed at any time of day for a snooze, to read, do yoga nidra or just for some downtime.

As sleep is so magically healing it makes sense to have the right surroundings for the perfect slumber. Just like choosing wisely when it comes food, skincare and cleaning products, it takes a bit of conscious thought to minimise the chemicals and toxins found in the bedroom.

Mattresses – Most mattresses are made with synthetic materials and sprayed with fire retardants. When we bought a new mattress recently, we went with a natural latex one. Memory foam might feel great, but a number of chemicals used is not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Pillows – Polyester synthetic pillows are often made with formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen. Isn’t that crazy! The thing you put your face on every night contains a carcinogen! Yuk!

Duvets – so like pillows if your duvet is synthetic, it’s probably made with chemicals and unfortunately, this also applies even to down duvets. Then, of course, there are the poor ducks and to think about. Those feathers have to come from somewhere. While live plucking has been banned in the US, it’s still standard in China, where many bedding products are made. Duvets are also breeding grounds for dust mites and bugs, as while the covers might get washed often, the duvet itself doesn’t. And who hasn’t woken up in the night in a sweat from overheating under a duvet?

For a toxin-free bed, we recommend organic sheets, under a quilt made with organic cotton, and stuffed with 100% pure cotton, no synthetic materials or down. This means your bedding is not only chemical-free but can easily be kept clean. Be aware of the dyes used in bedding, as these can also be the cause of skin allergies, instead look for ASO-free eco-friendly dyes. And for a really good night’s sleep choose a brand that makes their products ethically.

For sheets, check out these independent brands that are creating beautiful organic cotton bedlinen with a commitment to fair trade and sustainability.


The founders of Syona grew up in India’s cotton belt where they saw farmers struggle because of wavering credit availability, and lack of marketplace opportunities. Even so, they didn’t realize the magnitude of the problem until seeing a documentary about the alarming number of farmer suicides. The program revealed that the increasing use of pesticides negatively affected the mental and physical health of farmers, how the rise in GMOs had forced many farmers into bankruptcy, and the way unsustainable farming practices were destroying the environment. They launched Syona Home to generate systemic change in India’s farm community. Their goal is to foster sustainable growth for farmers through access to ethical and environmentally friendly practices.


Nindyaa is a beautiful brand based in Germany, that source their linen from Pakistan. Their sheets are made with 100% pure organic cotton and produced ethically and sustainably. Their bed linen is chic and luxurious featuring subtle embroidered motifs.

To go on top of your organic sheets, of course, peruse our online shop for our range of bedspreads, whether it be a lightly padded quilt or hand-stitched kantha. Our entire range is made with 100% pure organic cotton and printed with vegetable or non-toxic dyes. Our bedspreads can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with natural detergent.

Happy shopping & sleep well!